Playground Fundraising (2014/2015)

The Playground Fundraising Project was initiated by the previous PAC (2014/2015). The fundraising of this initiative is expected to be finalized with the completion of the Scratch Card Fundraiser. The playground is expected to be built by Summer 2016.

“Help Our Dreams for a new Capitol Hill Elementary Playground Addition Take Flight!”


Playground Addition Project Information:

The PAC began talking about making an addition to the playground structures during the 2013/14 school year, and last 2014/15 school year these talks turned to plans, and we selected structures and began fundraising. We are launching a 2 week, playground specific fundraiser to “help our dreams take flight” on September 30th 2015. We hope this to be the final fundraiser necessary. Its success will allow us to process our purchase order, and with all things going to plan, have our playground addition installed in summer of 2016. If this fundraiser exceeds our initial project goal, we will be able to purchase additional exciting pieces to add to the modular part of the new structure. We can’t do this without the support of parents, students and teachers! Thank you!


Initial Project Budget: $21,003.36

Funds raised to date:  $10,540.00

Funds contributing to this project include: money from general PAC fundraising, a silent auction held in April 2015, a one time anonymous donation of $5000, and funds awarded from a playground enhancement grant from the City of Burnaby Parks and Recreation.


History of Playground:


Our current blue and yellow playground was purchased by the PAC in 2007 when it replaced a very old, dangerous wood and metal structure that had been there since the 70’s. Because it was a complete replacement, the PAC purchased the largest structure they could afford at the time, however it was underserving the needs of the student population even at that time. It is a modular structure and it was thought that it could be added to over time, as funds allowed. However, as the focus of fundraising went towards Emergency Preparedness kiosk and supplies, Technology, and much needed books for classrooms along with all the many other initiatives the PAC funds, this was put on hold until now.


We are fortunate that our school borders George Green Park, and we are able to have primary students use the small playground and swing set there, which has reduced the strain somewhat on our actual school playground. In 2014/15 we saw our student population explode by over 80 students in just one year, and we could see twice that growth this year alone. More play structures equals more space for play for more children. A crowded playground is a more dangerous playground. Since there are no school district budget dollars allocated to playground structures, it is 100% up to us parents to leave this legacy for future children.





It was very important to all parents involved in the planning process that any new structures added could be used by both primary and intermediate students since the goal was to increase play space for all. Playground structure items are all chosen based on the safety rating for ages 5-12 years old.


Through consultation with Administration, the School District and the City of Burnaby, a location will be chosen between the two current playgrounds to add our addition. This way, the new structure can be rotated between primary and intermediate grades, as well as be easily integrated into the supervision zones for the recess monitors.


The fun:


Our two structure items in our initial goal were chosen based on many factors. We were looking for items very different than what we already had, items kids would get excited about. We wanted to foster active and healthy children, but treat the playground as a very social place which would encourage interaction and cooperation among kids with the concept of “continuous” or “open” play, rather than isolate them on independent items.


Our items: 


The Hemisphere Climber


This cool climbing structure allows kids to balance and counterbalance as they climb. It challenges kids with limitless climbing routes and angles (“Open Play”). It is a modular structure which can have add on’s easily attached. If you have been to Lougheed Mall and checked out their amazing new indoor playground, you will see the Hemisphere Climber in action! This item will also be a modular item, so that future PAC parents can purchase smaller, add on items to create more space for play and fun.


Developmental Benefits of the Hemisphere Climber:


-Sensory: Vestibular, proprioception, tactile

-Motor Skills: balance, coordination, motor planning, core body strength, agility, upper body strength, lower body strength, flexibility

-Cognitive Skills: Problem solving

-Social Emotional Skills: Cooperation, Social skill Development, Imaginative Play


See it in action on youtube:




The TopsyTurny Spinner


As one of the newest structures in the Habitat catalogue, Capitol Hill will be among the first to get one of these! As our playground currently has no spinning items, we are particularly excited about this one, and we know the kids will love it.


This spinner provides a fun way for kids to gain the valuable spinning motion they need for healthy growth and development. It also accommodates a large number of kids on the platform, between cables, and on the ground so that many friends can play together. Spinning is fast or casually rotating, the TopsyTurny Spinner will be a great freestanding addition to our playground!


Developmental Benefits of the TopsyTurny Spinner:


-Sensory: Vestibular and Proprioception

-Motor Skills: balance, core body strength, upper body strength

-Cognitive Skills: problem solving

-Social Emotional Skills: Cooperation, Social Skill Development, Imaginative Play


Watch the TopsyTurny Spinner in Action on Youtube:



FUNDRAISER “HELP OUR DREAMS FOR A CAPITOL HILL PLAYGROUND ADDITION TAKE FLIGHT” will LAUNCH on WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 30TH 2015. Your kids will have a chance to win an IPAD MINI, $100 BEST BUY GIFT CARD or a PIZZA AND ICE CREAM PARTY for their classroom, plus other very cool incentive prizes for participation.