Playground Fundraiser News!

WE DID IT! And not only did we do it, but we hit our initial goal out of the park! 
We raised $33,680.10 for our playground fund!
Breakdown of funds raised:
Total from Scratch Card fundraiser at school: $7,868.10
Rubina’s Hope for Kids donated: $11,000
Playground Enhancement Grant from the City of Burnaby Parks and Rec: $4,000
Single (anonymous) donor: $5,000
Other fundraising from 2014/2015: $5,623 (the silent auction amount was $2,485 and is included in this).
Congratulations Capitol Hill Community. There was a dream, and thanks to all of you we made it a reality! We know many kids worked hard scratching those cards, and some donated their own money. We are so proud of you and grateful for your support. This addition will serve decades of children at the school, in our neighborhood, through City Parks programs, the YMCA, and the Boys and Girls Club. This legacy is because of YOUR support. THANK YOU!
*******Since we exceeded our goal, the PAC decided to let the kids decide what the “EXTRA” piece will be. There will be a “PLAYGROUND VOTE” so all the kids in the school can vote on what their favorite playground addition “EXTRA” is to add onto the Hemisphere Climber. Date and Details upcoming.*******
The PAC wishes to extend their enormous gratitude to Rubina Hope for Kids for their generous and exceptional donation of $11,000. Rubina Hope for Kids was created to honor the memory of Rubina Wong, who passed away in the 2004 Asian tsunami. Each year this organization helps hundreds of kids across the lower mainland and overseas. We greatly appreciate their support of our school’s playground addition fundraiser this year.
Thank you to the City of Burnaby for their contribution of the Playground Enhancement Grant.
Thank you to Christopher Boyd of Rennie & Associates Realty for their kind donation of our iPad Mini incentive prize, and congratulations to Louie Y. of Division 2 who won it!
Thank you to Best Buy for the $100 gift card incentive prize donation which was won by Sydney R. of Division 3.
Thank you to the parents of the Playground Committee, and volunteers who have worked passionately behind the scenes to organize all of this, from Grant writing to collecting money (including an extra thanks to our Treasurer who had to count and sort, mostly coins, the money from the scratch cards).
Congratulations to Division 8 (Gr 4/5 – Raptus/Karvelis)  on all your hard work, your class raised $1,043 and this won the class a pizza and ice cream sundae party.
Div 9 (Gr 3 Armstrong) was so close at $918.50, they won an ice cream sundae party.
The final playground details will be solidified at the November PAC meeting, and our school will be placed on the District Installation list once our purchase order is placed with our vendor. If all things go smoothly, we are anticipating installation summer of 2016.