PAC Meeting Jan 20, 2016

Next PAC Meeting:

Wednesday, January 20th, 2016 at 6:30PM

Taking The Lead To Succeed!

Come to our next PAC meeting on Wed, January 20th, 6:30pm. Everyone is invited – bring a friend!

If you can only come to a few PAC meetings, this is a good one to attend because of all the new information that will be presented, and your feedback will help focus our direction. It’s going to be a great year and it all starts now!

SFU Science Outreach will be returning to do science experiments with the children during the PAC meeting (6:30-8:00pm), free of charge. Only 10 spaces are available on a first-come, first-served basis and they fill up fast. Please sign-up for a spot by emailing with your child’s name and grade if you are interested. Note that the parent must be on premise attending the PAC meeting.

Topics to be discussed

Parent Interest Groups Formation
Keeping with the theme of continued learning and community building, the idea of parent interest groups has been suggested. This is the gathering of groups of parents with similar interests together to share knowledge, collaborate on ideas, and learn. Ultimately the aim is to find opportunities to build a strong culture and relationships, as we go through the school journey together with our children.

Participation is for all members of the PAC, including families of Capitol Hill Elementary School, teachers, and staff.

Its organization can be very simple and is determined by the groups themselves. The PAC can support them if needed, such as providing an area to meet (e.g. booking the library at the School, or the meeting room at the McGill Library), preparing an agenda for the initial meeting, or helping out with resources if needed and possible (such as helping members invite speakers that may be of interest to the group to facilitate a discussion).

The following groups may be of interest to parents. At the meeting we’ll have a chart and parents can put stickers under the interest groups that they may like to consider.

The interest groups proposed at this time are as follows:

  • Longevity (Nutrition, Exercise, and Healthy Lifestyle)
  • Ability (forum for parents with special needs children)
  • Entrepreneurship and business (share the stories and learn from each other)
  • Career ready (for members looking for jobs, or wanting to switch careers)
  • Photography
  • Parenting forum – Social, Behavioral, and Emotional Aspects
  • Parenting forum – Academic and Technical Achievement Aspects
  • Let’s go outside and have fun (parents interested in forming groups with other parents to go to events,  from an impromptu picnic at the beach to sharing a campsite to buying attraction tickets using a bulk rate)
    • Primary Parents
    • Intermediate Parents

Lunch hour programs proposal
Lunchtime affordable educational and fun activities, taught by artists who are volunteers from UBC and SFU, working together with parent(s) or teachers.

Subject to Scheduling with the school. After discussion with Principal, the recommendation is to choose one or two programs that involves students at the Primary grade level, which currently has less lunch hour programs than the intermediate students. If successful, expand.

Registration is online, and the fee is nominal to cover cost of supplies, a small token of appreciation for the volunteer, and any left over goes to the PAC to fund priorities.

Our current talent pool offers the following:

  • Science workshops in Biology and Chemistry
  • Drawing and Painting
  • Sculptures
  • Music (Instruments)
  • Chinese Calligraphy

Multicultural Arts Festival

The staff has formed a teacher’s committee composing of the Head Teacher, The Principal, and 5 other teachers to work in collaboration with Paulus and Anne-Marie on planning.

Over the past 2 months, the team has taken the intent and purposes of the Multicultural Arts Festival (Featuring student’s work, community building, and learning), and produced a plan. This plan will be shared with the staff at the staff meeting on the staff meeting on Jan 20th, and at the PAC meeting we’ll share the outcome of that meeting.

We’d like to invite all of the parents and community volunteers for the Santa Breakfast, as well as new volunteers who are interested, to come help at this event. It’s going to be an amazing night.

More details to follow…

Committee Updates

A quick round-table for any committees who has updates to provide.

Principal’s Report

Mr. Chow will be sharing information about the school for the new year

Treasurer’s Report