Nov 18 Playground committee Appendix

Playground Committee Update:

-Fundraising update: This was the largest fundraising effort since our first playground rebuild in 2007, and proved to be exceptionally successful with strong support from Capitol Hill families and the community.
Our final total for the playground fundraising efforts (which included PAC fundraising, City Grant, Rubina Hope for kids Grant, scratch Card fundraiser) was $33,792.10

-Some small expenses were incurred for the pizza and ice cream party and prizes which was deducted from this total. We have also set aside $450.00 to go towards a bench (vendor Habitat is including in our project total/installation) with plaque to honor Rubina in thanks for their very generous donation of $11,000. This has been the largest single donation to our school for over a decade, and it was decided at the October meeting to allocate some of the playground funds to this.

-Presentation of final project, as voted on by the children:
The Playground Committee has met with Habitat Systems and they are in the process of working within our budget to give us 4 amazing options which give us the most bang for our buck. We are able to look at larger climbing structures than we were before. The children are going to vote on these to decide our final addition. (as of date of writing this, vote date TBD). We anticipate the voting will be complete at the time of the November 18th PAC meeting, at which the final option will be presented to the parent group and the funds released to make the purchase order (once new specs are reviewed and approved via Building and Grounds- Habitat is handling all of this). This will then set the project onto the District installation list, and we will eagerly await news of when our addition will get installed.