Nov 18 Green Events Committee Proposal Appendix

Proposed Green Events Committee: 

The Capitol Hill School PAC has received a very generous donation of a set of reusable dishware for events at our school from the Green Events Program at Alpha Secondary School. This donation includes plates, cutlery (including dessert forks/spoons), cups, water jugs and the bins to store them in. (please see attached letter which explains origin of donation further)

Not only will this divert waste out of landfills, and reduce our carbon footprint at events, this will save us money as currently disposables are purchased year after year for the Grade 7 luncheon out of PAC funds (just to name one event!). We will also be able to use these at many of our other events that involve food.

We need a few parents who are interested in setting an example in environmental stewardship to our kids. We need volunteer Parents to create inventory check list, (possibly creating a system to lend these to other elementary schools if requested). Then, as needed throughout the year show the parents in charge of food service at applicable events where they are, how to wash and restore, and inventory recheck. This is a brand new committee and can’t run with just one parent, please consider the gift of your time and the wonderful lasting impact your assistance will have.

In addition, the PAC will be looking into installing a dishwasher in the PAC kitchen. Having a dishwasher in the PAC kitchen is a long time coming, as it would be utilized at every PAC event in which food is served (approx 4 or 5 times a year, as well as bake sales, and popcorn days), and help ensure proper food safe protocol is in place. Currently, many hours of volunteer time is spent washing up at these events (sometimes with someone staying long after they are over, or having to come in prior to events to prepare and sterilize etc) and dishwasher would cut this volunteer time in half.

**Action item Mr. Chow: Kelly has been asked to contact the district and ask if a dishwasher can be hard-wired installed in the kitchen. If yes, who would pay for installation (school, PAC or combination of two?)
If the district would not allow installation, we would get a rolling dishwasher which could be rolled up and attached to sink when needed. The PAC will then attempt to solicit a donation of the appropriate kind of dishwasher. If no donation materializes, we would need to discuss at a future meeting allocating some funds to purchase.

Further for website:

The donation gets mentioned in the Burnaby Now here:

According to the National Association of PET Container Resources (NAPCOR): Canadians drank 2.4 billion litres of bottled water in 2014.

That’s a lot of plastic bottles.

According to Encorp Pacific BC, Approximately 17 trees are used to produce one tonne of pulp. By using pitchers and cups to serve water, less plastic will be sent to be recycled and trees will be saved. Recycling plastic bottles consumes energy and produces green gas emissions.

According to Green Events Program research: One event serving 100 people = 5kg of disposable plates, forks and knives.

                            IF EACH SCHOOL has 4 events that would be ONE TONNE OF WASTE to the landfill PER YEAR from Burnaby Schools.

At Alpha Secondary High school, the Green Events Program has loaned out almost 7000* plates, forks, knives and cups for its school sanctioned events over the past three years. *Buying THIS many disposables would COST around $500!