Have an Idea?

Thank you for your interest in raising new ideas for the PAC! It’s these ideas that help fuel our growth and achieve success.

All of our ideas fit within the PAC’s mission:

  • Helping Capitol Hill deliver lifelong learning and excellence in well-rounded education to our children.
  • Ensuring the well-being of our students.
  • Establishing meaningful engagement of parents, students, and the community as partners in education.

Raising New Ideas

The leadership team certainly understand the challenges that may come with raising new ideas! Note that the person who has the idea is not required to lead a team to implement it. The process of raising a new idea are as follow:

Step 1: Explore it!
You are invited to explore your idea with Paulus or Anne-Marie. As we explore, we will examine the details of your idea and learn of its fit into the school community.
Example: You may want to explore the idea of bringing in an after-school drama program from an Arts school.

Step 2: Share it!
We’ll share your idea anonymously online to gain potential interest from other parents! When there is a high interest, we can connect you to the members of this group.
Example: Our website will inform parents that there is an interest of bringing in a drama program from a parent. When a high interest for this program is expressed, we’ll connect you to all the parents who have expressed interest. You now have a supportive team to help bring a drama program forward.

Step 3: Develop it!
You and the team of parents have a new idea to harness as well as examine its details in order to further develop. We can then bring it to the PAC for further development and consideration.
Example: Space rental, cost of instruction and what the schedule permits.

Step 4: Initiate it!
Once the details and logistics have been developed, the proposal is then added to the PAC meeting agenda and voted on at a meeting.