About Us

WHAT is PAC: Parent Advisory Council. To learn more, click PAC 101.

WHO is PAC: You! Every parent/guardian of a Capitol Hill student is a member of the PAC!

WHAT do we do: Support the school through parental involvement as a way to enhance and enrich our children’s education.

HOW: By volunteering our time, contributing our talent /skill (at school or from home), and making a donation (item, monetary funds, service, talent/skill) to contribute to our events. Email caphillpac@gmail.com with any ideas/talents you may have.

Extremely important! Gone are days when public education was well funded and equipped with specialized instructions (eg. physical education), basic programs (eg. language resource), and supplies! The increasing responsibility to fund for our children’s school – general learning resources, books, math tools, teaching supplies, emergency supplies, field trips, playground improvements, technology upgrades… just to name a few – is becoming more dependent on us, the parent community to provide contributions to the greater well being of our learning community. US! Yes! US!

Extensive ongoing government cutbacks have left schools looking to parents for additional support for our school. We could make the gains now so our children continue to learn NOW or we could await the government to buck up on the funding! Time is too precious and there is no time to waste, ongoing contributions and fundraising efforts have made many of or school’s needs a reality, NOW!

As parents, by staying informed, educated and aware about the greater scope of our children’s school, we can learn, advise, suggest, open up discussions about the much needed resources in the school and address the many ways we can contribute to the needs over a school year.

Our Mission

  • Helping Capitol Hill deliver lifelong learning and excellence in well-rounded education to our children
  • Ensuring the well-being of our students
  • Establishing meaningful engagement of parents, students, and the community as partners in education

Our Values

Respectful teamwork
We strive to create a respectful environment to work together.

We understand and appreciate the spirit of volunteering.

We assure that all parents know how and why decisions are made and how the money is allocated and spent.

We will think hard and be creative to find solutions and overcome challenges.