All General Meeting Notice-Wednesday October 11, 2017

As parents or guardians of students at our school, we are ALL automatically members of the Parent Advisory Council (PAC). The PAC Executive is elected every year by the general PAC members, and are responsible for guiding the plans and activities of the PAC. Parents that attend our regular PAC meetings throughout our school year help set the agenda and direct the PAC Executive to achieve the goals for the year.

All PAC executive positions are vacant as they are voted on yearly. In particular this year we have a number of active Executive PAC parents whose children have left or are leaving the school, so new parents are very much needed and highly encouraged to come participate to take on these important positions.

The All General Meeting (AGM) and PAC Elections at the first official PAC meeting of our school year will be on: Wednesday October 11th, 6:30pm – 8:00pm.
Meeting will be held in the library, enter through the back door, up small set of stairs off the staff parking lot.

The Elected positions currently vacant are: Chair, (or 2 Co-Chairs), Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and up to 3 members at Large. We have a very active and dedicated group of parents who will support, advise and assist parents taking on any executive roles. We anticipate committees to undertake the various work of the PAC activities such as events, fundraising, Health and Safety.

Chair or Co-Chair: Lead and Oversee the PAC, attend and preside at all membership/special/executive meetings or be assisted by Co-Chair or Vice Chair, facilitate meetings, prepare and organize agendas with other PAC executive and committees, read all material/mail sent to the PAC and distribute accordingly, help prepare and organize newsletters and communications of the PAC, communicate regularly with committees and assist with committee work as needed, oversee events/fundraising timelines, be official spokesperson for the PAC, signing authority at Bank.

Vice Chair: Assume all duties of the Chair in their absence or when requested, assist Chair in the performance of their duties, assume specific tasks or responsibilities as assigned by the Chair, accept extra duties as required, signing authority at Bank.
Secretary: Record minutes of membership/special/executive meetings, distribute Minutes to PAC Members prior to the next Meeting and post up notice of General Meetings around School, can assist to create notices to be sent home with students, take attendance at General Meetings, safely keep all records of the PAC, assist with updates to PAC website as required.

Treasurer: Be responsible for and report on the accounting of the PAC, maintain accurate financial records of the PAC with regular monthly meeting reporting, receive and disperse PAC funds, assist creating budgets when needed, creating annual financial reporting, filing for grants.

Members at Large: Serve in a capacity to be determined by the PAC Executive at the time of their Election, or at other times throughout the year as the needs of the PAC might require. (This could include committee work, events/fundraising etc).
To put forward your nominations or if you would like to chat more about a position you are interested in please email

Nominations will be accepted the night of the AGM. Elections of all positions will be completed by secret ballot if there are two or more people nominated for the same position.

Many hands make light work. The more parents who participate actively, the more our children benefit. We hope to see you in October!

Capitol Hill PAC is the organization serving the interests of parents with children attending Capitol Hill Elementary School in Burnaby, British Columbia.