Call for Volunteers for Pancake Breakfast Committee

Pancake Breakfast at Capitol Hill Elementary School, Burnaby, BC

Pancake Breakfast at Capitol Hill Elementary School

The PAC is making a call for parent volunteers for the PANCAKE BREAKFAST COMMITTEE. We need parent leaders to help organize, solicit donations, shop for supplies, decorate, and of course serve pancakes/clean/have fun.

This annual, PAC sponsored, event has been going on at the school longer than we can count! We are blessed to get the support of the Burnaby Firefighters who come cook our pancakes. Santa makes an appearance! It is one of the most exciting days of the school year for the children at our school. Come join the fun. Please pm or email us for more details or to volunteer.

Capitol Hill PAC is the organization serving the interests of parents with children attending Capitol Hill Elementary School in Burnaby, British Columbia.