Ongoing: Grade 7 Capitol Hill Kids to Camp Bottle Drive

Help send a grade 7 student to camp by bringing in your recyclable beverage containers to the nearest RETURN-IT depot – EXPRESS KIOSK !
We have set up a Capitol Hill Grade 7 Kids to Camp Account
Our Account # (777) 777-7777
Each Spring, the Grade 7 students and their teachers, go to the YMCA Camp Elphinstone for a 2 night/3 day adventure. This is a fun way for students to bond over a variety of different activities, and celebrate their final year at elementary school.
COST: The cost for each student is about $240. There are 67 students & staff, and we are trying to lower the camp costs for everyone that attends. We’d like all kids to enjoy a camp experience!
OUR GOAL : We are hoping to raise $8000 by February 12th (50% of the total camp costs).
Helping is simple…… all year round!
Step 1 – COLLECT : returnable beverage cans and bottles
Collect recyclable returnable bottles from your own house, friends, family members and neighbours, and put into a bag. Each bag MUST have a sticker on it to be credited correctly to our Gr7 account.
Step 2 – RETURN : to Kensington Square Encorps Express Recycling Depot *
Step 3 – USE : Express Drop Off & Account phone number : (777) 777-7777
Use the express kiosk machine and enter our account number. You must print your label and stick it to your bag to ensure your donation gets to the Gr. 7 fundraiser account. Put your labelled bag of recyclables into the special blue bin beside the kiosk.
* YOU MUST USE THE EXPRESS KIOSK – 5 locations in the lower mainland; donations can be made at any
of these locations, so friends and family that want to support us, can drop theirs off to the location closest to them. Each bag MUST have a sticker on it to be credited correctly to our Grade 7 account (777) 777-7777 .
For more information check :
RETURN-IT staff will sort, count and refund the deposit into our Grade 7 Camp Kids to Camp Fundraiser account.
Any additional funds raised in May, will go towards the grad luncheon.
Funds raised after June, will go towards next year’s graduating class!
Thank you for your support!

Capitol Hill PAC is the organization serving the interests of parents with children attending Capitol Hill Elementary School in Burnaby, British Columbia.