2015/16 Priority 2: Smartboard Technology

*This proposal is established in consultation with the principal of the school, and has been passed by majority vote on the October 14, 2015 PAC meeting. In addition to the proposal are some education and background information about smart boards to help parents assess the priority.

Funding priorities are items that will be funded directly by the major funding sources (such as direct donation, profits from the annual event, misc. fundraisers). These are the key reasons noted on donation letters. However, the PAC also funds other activities besides these priorities, subject to the funding plan approved by the membership.

As the second priority, we are proposing that this priority will be funded after the primary priority funding has been completed (i.e. the levelled readers).

For any questions please contact  caphillpac@gmail.com.

An article about Smart Boards in The Vancouver Sun (Oct 4 2015) Click here


COMPLETING WHAT THE SCHOOL STARTED: Finance Smart Boards for Every Class Room and 15 IPads – $22,000 We currently have outfitted 70% (11/16) of all classrooms with smart boards. The school has requested the PAC to continue funding this need so that all students can benefit from this technology.

  • Smartboards can lead to better learning outcomes for students because of its potential to engage the students in a way that is not possible by other means
  • Smartboards, like chalkboards, cannot be shared. It needs to be available for each teacher as required
  • Principal indicated that substantial improvements can be achieved once all classrooms have this. This will provide greatly enhanced motivation by all teachers to use this technology.
  • Teachers are trained on it to use applications specifically designed for learning.